Staying Focused

Things feel confusing, difficult, and challenging. But with determination and focus, you can navigate these tough times and keep your business going in the right direction.

With Content Marketing, SEO and Business Coaching with the Pumpkin Plan Strategy for colossal growth we put together a plan and a process for business growth.

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Amy Nubson

Amy Nubson
Fractional CMO / Business Coach

Avery Nubson
Creative Director

Christine Thurston
Project Manager

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Consider Digital Products

Digital products have been around as long as digital technology. And with the current trend towards social distancing, working from home, and avoiding crowded rooms, they appear to be set for another massive leap forward. 
stay out of the advertising mess

How to Avoid the Advertising Clutter and Focus Your Marketing

Slice through the saturated advertising clutter and make sure your message get heard by the right people.
avoid this common scam

Domain Name Scammers

Spam comes because of a site called “WHOIS,” a public-information database that is used by spammers.
Are you Hiding?

Are you Hiding?

Are you hiding from yourself or your business? Find out how to burst out of hiding.

3 Free Things any Business Can Do Now

Try these free things you can do as a business owner to keep conversations with your customers and vendors going.
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