what are website cookies?

Nufire Marketing and Coronavirus Update

Nufire Marking is still open for business and we are here to help your business through this confusing time!
why does my website need hosting?

Why do I need website hosting?

I have a website, but why and what does website hosting do?
Why did I become a Pumpkin Plan Coach?

What is Pumpkin Plan Coaching?

The Pumpkin Plan; a strange name but amazing results.
How to use modern marketing

Where has the infomercial of the 80s or 90s gone?

Miss those silly infographics on late night TV? They are all around us now and social media - the modern form of marketing.

Don’t make it hard for your clients to pay you.

Are customers not paying on time? Maybe it’s too hard for them. Try these techniques to make it painless for them to pay.
what are website cookies?

What the Heck are Website Cookies and Facebook Pixel?

They sound tasty, but what are website cookies anyhow?