Be Selfishly Picky When Hiring a Writer

As different as our DNA is from one person to another, so are the styles and techniques of most writers. If the opposite were true, the world of novels and movies would be completely boring and unfulfilling. Differences amongst writers keep things interesting and readable. Even a single writer can have more than one style and approach depending on what the subject and goal is.

Okay. So, why is this really important? Writing is as much an art as it is a learned discipline. Not everyone can write or spell for that matter, but to write effectively is the key. Sure, there are those who did well in English Literature class that can structure a writing piece correctly when it comes to grammar, opening statements, transitional phrases, and conclusions. However, what they say and how they say it is really what separates true writers from grammatically correct typists of words.

Businesses need writers

Most high school seniors probably aren’t aware of just how sought after writers are these days. Every advertisement, training guide, social media ad, blog, and article need to be written by someone. Writing isn’t just for journalists either. Talented writers are needed by businesses, both large and small. The nice thing about writers being different is that it gives companies a variety of choices when hiring someone.

Be selective in choosing

Paying someone to write content for your business is an added expense. This is one reason why you must seek for the right individual to write for you. You shouldn’t just hang a sign on the front door that reads, “hiring a writer here”. No, it doesn’t work that way. Selective hiring of writers is as critical as the hiring of other key positions in your business.

Things to think about when Choosing a Writer

  • What type of content will they be writing?
  • What is the target audience you want to reach?
  • What’s the goal of the writing project? Sales? Subscribers?
  • Do they have an online portfolio of writing examples?
  • Have them write on a specific topic as part of their interview
  • Will their style mesh with the message you want to deliver?

A lot goes into a writing project

Writing used to be only about getting people to read your work and maintaining their interest. Magazine columnists and newspaper editors think about writing as a means to sell more subscriptions. Writing now, however, has taken a rapid transformation because of the internet. Companies need to maintain a visually appealing website and at the same time provide the best content they can deliver.

Writers aren’t just putting together eloquent phrasing and engaging thought-provoking topics. They must be able to weave directly into their writing style an effective strategy to get noticed online.

Writers have to pay attention to ….

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Building internal links to other content within their content
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags for all those Google users out there
  • Word count, typeface sizing, graphic images

More things to consider

Utilize multiple writers for your business. Select those with a unique and diverse writing style. They don’t have to be full-time employees either. There are tons of freelance writers who can be hired for just a specific piece of content. Blogs are huge right now. Companies that add a blog page to their company website can attract readers who then become customers. Blogs create traffic and therefore can positively affect the momentum of your search engine page ranking.

It takes all kinds of writers to create the right team for your business. Some projects, like educational curriculum and contractual forms, need technical writers. Other projects, like online blogging and social media posting, need poetic and artistic writers who can grab the attention of people.

The bottom line is that not all writers are the same. So, next time you have the need to reach out and find a content writer, make the right choice versus hiring just anyone.