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Print is Part of Effective Marketing. Again.

Offline Has Made a Serious Comeback, For Good Reason

Reports of printed marketing materials’ demise are greatly exaggerated.

Print got a black eye for a while as being passé. “Print is so five years ago,” the argument went. “Everyone’s online these days. That’s where you need to reach them.” There was truth to that, but the tables have turned.

These days, everyone in your target market is inundated with emails, ads and business-oriented posts on their social media platforms. People are opting out in a big way.

That means, depending on your company’s circumstances, goals and strategies, print can be a crucial part of acquiring and retaining customers. In many cases, it should be. Postcards, thank-you cards, promotional items, welcome packets – all are very effective, especially when combined with online marketing elements.

We not only design these pieces for you, we’ll handle all the details of printing. All you need to do is approve the materials tell us where to have them delivered.

Print is alive and well. We’ll help you use it well.

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