Your Website: Great Data, Great Decisions

Online Analytics & Reporting for More Strategic Business

Your website is a wealth of information.

And we don’t mean just for your prospects and customers.

Every time someone visits your site there’s data to be had. It can inform your decisions about what you can accomplish online, certainly, but also about what might be successful in your social media, drip email campaigns, traditional marketing materials and more.

  • Who visits your site?
  • How old are your average website visitors?
  • What interests them about your company, products and services?
  • How long do they spend on your site?
  • How deep do they go?
  • What do they click on?
  • What kind of content do they spend the most time looking at?
  • Where are they coming from? AdWords, Google searches, elsewhere?

That’s just a start. Whether your business is small or large, a start-up or a pillar of your industry for decades, what you learn from your website visitors can shape your online and offline marketing strategies.

The point is, it’s hard to make decisions without good data. We connect the websites we build for businesses and organizations with Google Analytics, Search Console and more to generate the reports that will make a difference for your business.

When you’re ready to make more informed decisions, we’re ready to help with website tracking and reporting that will provide the information.


How much traffic are you getting?


Where are your visitors from?


Where did your visitors come from?

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