Web Security: Are you Safe?

Feeling secure is something everyone wants and needs. No one has an insatiable desire to be in a constant state of vulnerability. In a world of frequent terror attacks and instability, it’s natural to take lots of precautions and guard your life and family. This priority allows for a sense of safety. Your Web Security should be no different.

Whether in business for yourself or just an avid user of the internet for hobby or leisure, having a safe & secure network at home or work should be as protected as Fort Knox is. We all get both subtle attempts and attacks from would be hackers or thieves trying to steal account information or plant a virus on our home computers. It’s no different with a small business or major corporation. You need a solid plan to place a high level of security within your network, software, and websites.

How do you know if you are safe?

Here are a few basic things you should do right away:

  • Change router setup to activate encryption
  • Use a difficult-to-crack password on your network
  • Turn off WPS so no one can easily pair with your equipment
  • Don’t forget to change your SSID name from the generic one
  • Provide cyber security training to employees
  • Run Anti-virus software on all servers
  • Update, Update, Update: RUN Updates often to keep security patches up-to-date
  • Don’t let your IT or Network Admin have a username that includes the word “Admin”

The list is much longer but you can tell there is a lot to Website Security. There is as many evil and sinister genius’s out there trying to threaten your business as there are super talented employees overseeing your company systems. Evil can be defeated though. Just be smart and let your network security remain a priority.

What exactly can network hackers and predators do?

So, what do they want anyway? Is it just a game to them or do they have an intentional endgame in mind when they attempt to breach your firewalls? The reasons they do it are numerous and this type of activity on the web will never end.

Hackers want your passwords so they can take your identity, steal money from your bank account, and gather account information from your customers for financial gain. The compromising of financial data and private identity information is extremely prevalent in society. Daily, the news reports that this company had a breach and that company allowed customer data to be stolen.

Network predators can bring your site down for a period of time that can cause issues with customers and reduce productivity. They look for cracks in your servers and bugs in your programming to unveil entry points where damage can be done. Some do it to leak classified information in government, while many more do it for greed and to steal money.

How can you get the best web security out there?

Company and personal web security is a huge business for obvious reasons. With a high level of industry competition, the products offered have become increasingly useful and worth the money spent. Avast, Symantec, and Bitdefender are a few of the top companies offering products to everyday consumers for home networks and to companies both small and large.

Spend the money. Trust me, it will be well worth the investment to tighten up your level of web security. Of course, we want to be most concerned with sales revenue and client acquisition when it comes to small business goals. However, what good is that without a sophisticated professional network environment protecting the future of your business. Hire another company to help you with web security setup.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Check out the resources and tips from fraud.org to read about company breaches or file a complaint. Just when you think it can’t happen to you, it will. When making online purchases use a major credit card instead of your bank debit card. Make use of Paypal as a way to pay for transactions versus linking financial money exchanges through your checking account.

Oh yeah, get yourself some identity theft protection to keep a close watch on your personal credit. For small business owners, protecting your individual identity is as important as securing your customer data. Your reputation is at stake.

Make the decision to overhaul and improve your web security right away. Procrastination when it comes to safety and security is a no-no.